Art in the making

I hope  you  Like what you see?

About Jane Alley Meldahl

Born and raised in a small rural Texas town about and hour west of Houston.  Eagle Lake is a beautiful place with old homes, vintage store fronts, sprawling rice fields, lovely oak trees draped in Spanish moss, one of the few naturally occurring lakes in the state of Texas and native prairie where some of the remaining Attwater's Prairie Chickens still call home. 

Having been an avid birder all of my life, I have always appreciated the beauty of nature and it has inspired me to take countless pictures of nature at it's finest moments, hoping secretly that one day I would be able to paint just some of the awesome memories I have experienced.

I left Eagle Lake in the early 70's and was lucky enough to return in 2001, telling myself this was my opportunity to paint.   Now finally, my dream has come true.